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29.10.2018 12:56:00

Acting Head of Bashkortostan visited mare's milk processing workshop in Baymak district

As part of a working visit to the Baymak district, the Acting Head of Bashkortostan visited the kumiss (mare’s milk) workshop of «Ecoproduct» company, where he saw a freeze-drying process of the national drink.

«Our equipment is Russian, from Podolsk, and from South Korea,» said Akram Gorin, the business development director. «When receiving milk by the laboratory, we obligatory check the quality of the milk. Requirements for both raw materials and products are very high, at the moment the shop receives international certificates for food production. Certificates on production are received in accordance with state standards».

The principle of production is the following — vacuum-freeze-drying units freeze the product to -30-37 C, then a vacuum is created. Water evaporates and condenses, and the dry residue remains, the bacteria fall asleep.

«After recovery, the powder basically has the same properties as the original product; it retains all the useful properties. After recovery, the bacteria begin to work even more actively», Akram Gorin marked.

Manufacturers are preparing a joint program with Bashkir State Medical University, within which comprehensive research on the medical properties of kumiss will be conducted.

12 people work at the production, but it is planned to expand the facilities. «Ecoproduct» LLC is included in the register of priority projects of the Republic of Bashkortostan and prepares documents for receiving state support, the funds received will be used to expand production and to develop the region's horse breeding.

Also, the Acting Head of the region visited the Semenovsky Mine, a meat processing plant and a «Kolibri» sewing shop.

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