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02.02.2018 17:54:00

New dairy mega farm may appear in Tuimazy region

During his working trip to Tuimazy district, the head of Bashkortostan, Rustem Khamitov, got acquainted with the work of a meat factory «Zygityaksky», which specializes in making sausage products.

In recent years, the company that is a partner of the Tuimazy meat-packing plant «Sava» has undergone a large-scale technological modernization, a range of products has been revised. Currently, raw materials are purchased mainly from local farmers.

The meat factory has two own livestock farms. The meat processing plant is being expanded to produce halal products.

Rustem Khamitov examined the production facilities of the plant, inquired about meat processing capabilities, market demand for a modern product line, prospects for the company development. According to the director Oleg Udnikov, plans are to sell meat and meat products from beef and horse meat.

«We have examined the new halal production of the Sava plant. We understand that this is a new step in terms of technology and the enterprise facilities. All this makes quite a good impression», Rustem Khamitov said after the visit. «In addition, this plant is now planning to launch production of dairy products and is considering construction of a new, very large dairy farm for 4.5-5 thousand dairy cows. Certainly, we will try to render them possible assistance».

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