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Working trips

08.12.2017 10:52:00

Mikhail Babich and Rustem Khamitov together with teachers and parents in Ufa discussed native languages studying issue

During his working trip to the capital of Bashkiria, the Plenipotentiary Envoy of the President of Russia to the Volga Federal District Mikhail Babich together with the Head of the Republic Rustem Khamitov visited the Ufa Gymnasium No. 16. It was this school that became a venue for discussion of the issue of studying and teaching state and native languages in Bashkiria.

The Plenipotentiary Envoy and the Head of the Republic visited classes of Russian, Bashkir and English languages, studied the curricula of teaching these subjects, and then joined a roundtable in which all parties participated: government officials, teachers and parents.

Mikhail Babich briefly outlined the instructions of the President of the country:

The only official language of the Russian Federation is the Russian language. It must be studied compulsorily in the volumes established by the Ministry of Education and state standards;

— The amount of the Russian language teaching in the republics should be brought to the amount established by the Ministry of Education and Science so that each pupil can exercise his guaranteed right to comprehensive study of the Russian language;

— Voluntary study of the native languages of the peoples of Russia and the state languages of the republics should be provided, creating all the necessary conditions for the children and parents so that these languages can be studied with getting a full knowledge of them.

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