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27.06.2017 19:13:00

Rustem Khamitov got acquainted with «Art-KVADRAT» project

During his working trip to Ufa, the Head of Bashkortostan, Rustem Khamitov, got acquainted with the project of establishing the «Art-KVADRAT» creative urban space.

The project involves a creative cluster establishing in the territory of Ufa historic cente, in a block bounded by Chernyshevsky, Mustai Karim, Kommunisticheskaya and Lenin Streets. In the course of its implementation, more than 30 buildings will be reconstructed and modernized, pedestrian paths will be made. Premises, many of which are now in disrepair, will get a new life. Here offices, shops, cafes, restaurants, workshops, art salons, co-working zones and other public and creative spaces will be located.

It is planned that the «Art-KVADRAT» will become a place of attraction for creative youth, a promenade for Ufa residents and one more creative centre of the city. Lectures, master classes, round tables, film screenings, fairs, design and architectural festivals, creative exhibitions, concerts will be conducted there. Already now, leading street artists and architects are taking part in the project. The «Art-KVADRAT» hosts dance festivals, poetry evenings, fairs and other events attracting a large number of participants. The pedestrian traffic around this territory is up to 25 thousand people a day.

Rustem Khamitov discussed with the «Art-KVADRAT» leadership problematic issues on the project, including those related to the resettlement of tenants from dilapidated houses, arrangement of utility facilities, improvement of the territory. The head of the region suggested coordinating efforts on the project with the city authorities, relevant ministries and departments.

«You should discuss everything and do it jointly with the city, the republic and the participants of the project. Maybe it's worth thinking about public-private partnership», said the Head of the republic.

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