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25.05.2017 22:31:00

Rustem Khamitov congratulated eleventh graders with graduation from school

On May 25, the Head of Bashkortostan, Rustem Khamitov, during a working trip to the city of Belebey visited the "Farewell Bell-2017" holiday and congratulated the school leavers of the city and the district with graduation from school.

In this academic year, 358 pupils are graduating from comprehensive schools of Belebey district, of which 75 graduates apply for a medal "For Excellence in Learning".

The right to give the last bell was granted to the scholarship holder of the Head of Bashkortostan, the 11th grader of Belebey Gymnasium No. 1, winner of international, Russian and republican Olympiads in Physics, Informatics, Mathematics Alexander Kozlov, and the first-grade pupil of the city school No. 8, Dina Bilalova.

After the end of the holiday, Rustem Khamitov talked with teachers, school leavers and their parents, discussed the preparations for the Unified State Exam and wished them success.

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