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06.08.2012 20:21:46

Rustem Khamitov imposed on himself full leadership of the republic

Since August 6, the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov imposed on himself full leadership of the republic. This decision was accepted at the today's expanded session of the Government RB in Ufa. As Rustem Khamitov marked he assigned to himself not only full management of the republic, but also maintenance of operative, permanent, daily management of Bashkortostan Government. Rustem Khamitov explained his decision with strengthening of negative tendencies, both in economic life, and in the governing body of the republic, absence of progress and creative ideas in the Government work. He also underlined that the republican Government should become compact, modern, dynamic and informed, that the occurred changes defined the first stage of the governmental reforms in Bashkortostan.

It should be marked that Rustem Khamitov already combined posts of the President and the head of the republican Government from July, 2010 till May, 2011. From May till today the post of the Prime Minister RB was occupied by Azamat Ilimbetov.

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