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Rustem Khamitov visited Tuimazinsky region and the town of Oktyabrsky

On November 16 the President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov paid a work visit to Tuimazinsky region and the town of Oktyabrsky.

In the town of Tuimazy the President RB has inspected the modern boiler house, supplying the local kindergarten and nine tenement-buildings with heat. The boiler house was put into exploitation in 2009. The cost of the objects amounts to 53 million rubles.

After that the President RB has inspected the tenement buildings, capitally repaired in accordance with the program of the Fund for assistance to reforming of housing and communal services, and the abuilding kindergarten, meant for 60 places.

The President of Bashkortostan has also visited the site of the future Ice Palace in the settlement Tuimazy, which construction started in September 2011. In accordance with the project the universal arena will include a sheltered skating ring with the area more than 4 thousand square meters, stands, changing room, medical cabinet, hall for athletics and cafe. In the future the additional building for a sheltered tennis court will be erected nearby. The estimated cost of the project is 313 million rubles.
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