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Rustem Khamitov congratulated citizens of Bashkortostan with the holiday of Uraza-Bayram

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov congratulated citizens of the Republic with the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan and with the beginning of the holiday of Uraza-Bayram. The head of the region mentioned in his congratulation that this holiday “reflected the centuries-old traditions of Islam, its high moral ideals. Uraza-Bayram embodies the main commandments of the holy fast – spiritual purification, peaceableness and mercy, fulfillment of good deeds. Such values are equally understandable to people of all religions, historically being the base of peace and concord”.

The President RB underscored that “the Muslims of the Republic make weighty endowment to building of the inter-confessional dialogue, widening of cooperation between religious communities and the authority. The adherents of Islam play an important role in strengthening of the ideas of tolerance and toleration, counteraction to the religious extremism and to spreading of social ailments in the society”.

“Let Uraza-Bayram give us spiritual calmness and assurance in our own strength, imparting new energy and inspiration for constructive labor to us” – the President RB mentioned in his congratulation and wished that “warmth and joy, agreement and good, peace and prosperity will visit every home”.
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