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03.03.2021 16:54:00

Bashkortostan received 122 thousand doses of vaccine to prevent COVID-19

Bashkortostan received 122,592 doses of vaccine to prevent COVID-19. As of March 3, 86 thousand people were jabbed with the first part, 29 565 residents were vaccinated with the first and second parts. Radiy Khabirov reported this at a meeting on vaccination of residents of Russia against coronavirus. Tatiana Golikova, Deputy Prime Minister of the country, held it as a video conference.

– Vaccines are promptly distributed to medical organizations. We have developed all the necessary routes and experience. We admit that we are slightly behind in vaccinating older people over 60 years old. This is due, among other things, to the fact that we still maintain a mandatory self-isolation regime for residents over 65 years old. However, we have already increased the coverage with this vaccine category. Besides, we have quite many social service institutions for the population, which are very vulnerable if an infection gets there. Therefore, we sent large batches of vaccines there too – the Head of the Region noted.

According to him, there are 111 vaccination points in Bashkortostan, including mobile ones.

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