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01.02.2021 10:31:00

Industrial production index exceeded national average in Bashkortostan

The industrial production index in Bashkiria was 98 percent last year, the Head of the region Radiy Khabirov said at a Government meeting on Monday.

As noted by Radiy Khabirov, the regional authorities understand, that this happened in connection with the agreement within the OPEC and adjustments for the level of oil production.

– In Russia, the average IPI was 97,1 percent. Therefore, our 98 percent looks quite good, but this figure must be brought to 100 percent and over, – the Head of Bashkortostan said. – Agriculture shows good progress. At the end of 2020, the volume of agricultural production increased by 3,1 percent. Housing commissioning increased by 3,5 percent. In general, there is a decline in the country. There is a recession across the country, but we are going with a plus. Therefore, we should keep up with these rates, especially as our tasks are very ambitious.

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