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17.03.2020 17:16:00

Enterprise to repair wheelsets for freight cars is launched in Blagoveshchensk

On March, 17 in Bashkortostan a new enterprise to form and repair wheelsets for freight wagons has been launched in the city of Blagoveshchensk. The Head of Region Radiy Khabirov, together with the company's management, took part in the launch of the wheel pair forming machine and put his signature on the first finished products of the enterprise. It is planned to produce 1,600 wheels monthly here.

The chairman of the board of the investor, RAILGO company, Rakhman Khalilov, said that 200 new jobs had already been created at the enterprise in Blagoveshchensk. It is planned that a total of 600 jobs will appear. The average salary at the enterprise today is 42 thousand rubles. The company's net profit last year amounted to 1.4 billion rubles.

Last December, at the «Investment Hour» session, RAILGO board member Roman Kurdyumov spoke about plans to purchase 8,223 tank wagons from UralVagonZavod Corporation. For these purposes, the investor plans to allocate 18 billion rubles. The repair facilities will be built in Blagoveshchensk. As a result of the project, it is planned to create more than 400 new jobs.

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