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16.01.2020 20:20:00

Radiy Khabirov took part in meeting of Presidium of General Council of United Russia

On January, 16 an expanded meeting of the Presidium of the General Council of the United Russia Party was held via videoconference, dedicated to the implementation of the Address of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly. It was attended by the Head of Bashkortostan, a member of the General Council of «United Russia», the secretary of the Bashkortostan regional branch of the party Radiy Khabirov.

– «United Russia» is the party of the President. And for us, his Address is a direct guide to action, – said Secretary of the General Council Andrei Turchak. – The President separately outlined the need to take into account the opinions of people, their active involvement in the adoption of state decisions and their further implementation.

Following the meeting, a list of field assignments will be generated for all branches of the party to prepare specific proposals for the implementation of the Address and monitoring its implementation.

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