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30.05.2019 17:33:00

Meeting with students of Bashkortostan

On May 30, in Ufa the Acting Head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov and Moldovan President Igor Dodon met with students of Bashkortostan.

During the meeting, Igor Dodon answered students' questions about state cooperation and the development of relations with Russia.

In particular, the President of Moldova reported, that parliamentary elections were recently held, and Igor Dodon expects that he will be able to influence the formation of a government loyal to cooperation with Russia.

– What we did not manage to do in the past two years at the level of parliaments and governments of our countries, we compensated by meetings of the presidents and those contacts that were at the regional level. During this period we have signed several dozen interregional agreements. What we are doing here today in Ufa is just a continuation of this tendency, – concluded the President of Moldova.

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