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02.02.2019 16:11:00

Radiy Khabirov held a meeting on helicopter development in Bashkortostan

On February 2 the Acting Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov held a meeting on the development of helicopter manufacturing in the region with the participation of Nikolai Frolov, Managing Director of Kumertau Aviation Production Enterprise (KumAPP).

They talked about plans for production capacities use and prospects for the KumAPP development, which is a part of the Russian Helicopters holding. Nikolai Frolov said that the company had big plans for the development of the Kumertau enterprise. Thus, at the end of last year, the volume of production increased significantly. The formation of a portfolio of orders for 2019 continues.

Radiy Khabirov stressed the need for further diversification of production to increase the output of helicopters and unmanned aerial vehicles for civilian use, including for the needs of air ambulance and emergency services.

The meeting also discussed issues of social protection of KumAPP employees and the importance of the enterprise for Kumertau as a territory of advanced socio-economic development.

The Ministry of Industry and Innovation Policy RB proposed to hold the first all-Russian festival of unmanned vehicles manufacturers in Kumertau at the Vorotynovka airfield. It will be not only a bright and interesting show for viewers from all over Russia but also an achievements exhibition of the leading enterprises in the industry. KumAPP will also present its promising developments in this area, including those for monitoring pipelines, power lines, and other industrial facilities. They can be of interest both to the business community and large vertically integrated holdings.

Radiy Khabirov supported the proposal and commissioned to develop a roadmap for the preparation and holding of the festival.

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