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01.02.2019 16:10:00

Russan best parks creator shared his ideas on Toratau improvement

One of the largest experts on the improvement of spaces in Russia, Sergey Kapkov, shared his impressions of visiting Shihan Toratau.

The expert is visiting Bashkiria at the invitation of the Acting Head of Bashkortostan Radiy Khabirov. He will develop standards for landscaping the republic.

Sergey Kapkov visited Toratau in preparation for the creation of a geopark. The Toratau Geopark was created by decree of the Acting Head of the republic in December last year. It includes already existing specially protected natural territories – Trahtau and Yuraktau Shikhans, as well as a number of other unique objects of the two regions – Romadanovsky ravine, Khazinskaya cave, Berkhomut spring, Ziganovka, Elasyn caves, Olympia, Lake Tugar-Salgan, Alatau mountain section, Itkulovskoe swamp, "Ishimbaysky" state natural reserve, the caves of Salavat Yulaev and Tash-Oi, the "Kalim-Uskan" rock.

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