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28.01.2019 16:36:00

Radiy Khabirov spoke at the board of prosecution of Bashkortostan

Acting Head of Bashkortostan, Radiy Khabirov set a task for prosecutors to step up the fight against the illegal sale of non-certified alcohol. The head of the region raised this pressing topic at the expanded board of the republic’s prosecutor’s office.

– This is the most real evil that has a devastating effect on people's ability to work and their life expectancy and their well-being in the family. It is necessary to stop this genocide to our population, I cannot put it differently. I ask the prosecutor's office, all security officials to develop tough measures to curb counterfeit goods, and finally, to bring matters under control in the sale of alcohol and alcohol-containing products in all municipalities, – said Radiy Khabirov.

The head of the republic gave an example of the Abzelilovo district. They found 248 points of illegal sale of alcohol there.

The prosecutor of Bashkortostan, Andrei Nazarov, supported the words of Radiy Khabirov and noted that the intensification of work in this direction was repeatedly mentioned. According to him, on-site prosecutors should communicate with colleagues from other law enforcement agencies not by correspondence, but in person, and work together to combat this evil.

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