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21.11.2018 20:45:00

Radiy Khabirov about Transport Forum: «It is developing quite successfully for our republic»

On November 21, the official delegation of Bashkortostan led by the Acting Head of the republic Radiy Khabirov continued its work at the 12th International Forum “Transport of Russia” in Moscow. During a media scrum, the Acting Head of Bashkortostan told reporters that the transport forum was developing quite successfully for the republic.

— We had a lot of negotiations on various issues. Thus, yesterday I held talks with Rosavtodor. Today we will continue to discuss some pressing issues with them. We have been very effectively included in the National Integrated Plan for Trunk Infrastructure Modernization, —explained Radiy Khabirov. — An important theme for me is a reconstruction and expansion of a two-lane highway starting from Sterlitamak to the south. Therefore, we made the first steps. I hope that in the very near future we will begin to move slowly towards the southern boundaries of our republic — first towards Zirgan, then to the cities of Meleuz, Kumertau, and so on until Orenburg. This is also large and money consuming work.

The head of the republic noted good preparation for the forum of employees of the State Committee for Transport.

— Many investors who saw our exposition approached and discussed very different issues — even outside the transport area, — said the Acting Head RB.

As part of the forum, Radiy Khabirov took part in a business breakfast held by the Minister of Transport of Russia Yevgeny Dietrich. It discussed federal projects of the Integrated Plan for Trunk Infrastructure Modernization and Expansion, which is being implemented as part of the May decree of the President.

Business meetings with heads of leading industry Russian companies took place there. Radiy Khabirov participated in a meeting of the Minister of Transport with the leaders of the country's subjects.

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