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22.09.2017 15:47:00

Public offering of republican health resorts will help to attract investors - Rustem Khamitov

Privatization of the republican sanatoriums will contribute to the growth of their investment attractiveness. The Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov said this in an interview with the Zdravnicy Russian magazine.

According to the head of the region, the process of state unitary enterprises transformation into joint-stock companies should be completed before the end of the year.

«At the same time, the sanatoriums will not be sold or handed over to private hands, as they have an important social function in terms of rehabilitation of our veterans, disabled people, health improvement of the republican residents», Rustem Khamitov stressed. «Public offering will help to attract investors willing to invest in the construction of new buildings, expand the range of medical services, and will improve the efficiency of the institutions themselves».

The head of the republic said that at present a large investment project with participation of private business was already discussed for the construction of two new buildings in one of the health resorts for 200 beds with a financing volume of about 500 million rubles.

Among other ways to increase the attractiveness of health resorts Rustem Khamitov called the involvement of modern highly qualified specialists in the industry — from managers to marketers, as well as the development of spa marketing.

Recall that this year, the Association of Health Tourism and RAEX rating agency for the first time prepared a rating of «TOP-100 Russian health resorts», which included seven sanatorium-and-spa organizations of Bashkortostan, and the «Yangan-Tau» sanatorium headed this list. In addition, the republic ranked fourth among the regions in terms of revenue.

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