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24.07.2017 23:55:00

Rustem Khamitov gave an interview to BST and Rossiya 24

Head of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov spoke with the heads of Bashkortostan TV and radio company Rustam Zarafutdinov and the branch of VGTRK-GTRK «Bashkortostan» Azamat Salikhov about the results of socio-economic development of the republic in the first half of 2017.

«The index of industrial production was 103.4  percent. This is a good indicator, significantly higher than the national average. It testifies to the fact that the economy of our republic and the work of industrial enterprises are at a good level,» the Head of the Region noted. «In addition, there is a receipt of tax and non-tax revenues. We exceed last year's figures in this part by about 10 billion rubles. This indicates that additional funds will be directed to the economy of our republic, to solve social problems. We will get new social facilities, new roads, and our residents will have new opportunities».

As the Head of the Republic emphasized, even in agriculture, despite difficult weather conditions, agricultural output exceeded last year's figures by three percent.

«The construction volumes have increased. At the same time, we understand that housing construction has decreased compared to the previous year. But it decreased, including due to the market recess: there are no purchases, no sales. Strictly speaking, builders cannot store new housing for future. Proceeding from this there is minus 10  percent in housing construction. But in general, the construction of industrial facilities, agricultural facilities today also shows a positive trend — about 3.5 percent. The  growth of wholesale and retail trade is approximately at the same level. Retail has three percent plus and wholesale trade about 2.5 percent. Thus we have quite good macroeconomic indicators», Rustem Khamitov stated.

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