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Rustem Khamitov has given an interview to the central TV channels of Kazakhstan

July 7 in Ufa, the Head of Bashkortostan, Rustem Khamitov has given an interview to TV-journalist of "Khabar", "Kazakhstan" and "24 KZ» from the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The transcript of the R. Khamitov's interview:

CORR .: Let me offer you congratulations on holding the global summits, which are held in Bashkortostan. I would like to start with the next question. Last year at the interregional cooperation summit in the Atyrau-city you put forward an initiative to cooperate at the "region to region" level.

In that context, how would you describe the economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Bashkortostan? What areas are the most promising today in your opinion?

R. Khamitov: In fact, this work is just begun. Earlier we just declared the slogans of peace, friendship and cooperation, but now we start to realize it in a form of friendly, very close, brotherly relations. Especially it concerns the cooperation between the Bashkir and Kazakh nations. In this sense, we already have an idea what to do and how we can do it.

Firstly, we need to establish direct contractual relations with a number of regions of Kazakhstan. We are discussing the situation with akims (heads of local governments in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan) and would like to realize these arrangements in the form of signed agreements in Ufa in October 2015, when we will hold the Forum of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses of the SCO countries. We would like our colleagues from Kazakhstan to come to us and support us at the Forum. But before it, we are holding the XII Forum "Russia - Kazakhstan" on September 16, where heads of States, members of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation are taking part.

The regional leaders are also involved with this forum. As far as I know, several agreements between Russian regions and the regions of Kazakhstan will be signed at the Forum. I believe that it is only the first step.

Secondly we must acquaint businesses with each other. We invite the heads of regions and areas and business representatives to the forum, which will take place in October.

The businesses need to see each other, to build relations consciously and systemically, not by random searches. And this system should be created by us, heads of regions.

With many regions of Kazakhstan we have a number of similar economic formats like oil refining, petrochemistry, chemistry. Last year we discussed these issues at the XI Forum "Russia - Kazakhstan" in Atyrau-city. And we talked with akim of the region about what we need to do.

Besides, many Kazakhstani students are studying in our Ufa State Petroleum Technological University. Future oil workers are educated here, in Ufa. So we can say that representatives of our country are already working in Kazakhstan. They know about Ufa, Bashkir oil refining and petrochemicals. They know our mentality. So we communicate easily.

We need primary resources from Kazakhstan. It concerns the issues of increase of oil refining at a number of our enterprises. We are tied by     supply streams. Nowadays, in addition, we discuss the joint construction of the soda plant in Kazakhstan with the help of our Russian colleagues. And we have projects of that kind. Believe me; we have many issues related to the food products, the construction of infrastructure, etc. We just need to deal with these issues seriously and in detail.

CORR .: Mr. Khamitov, we know, you support the idea of construction of the highway "Western Europe - Western China" through the territory of the Republic of Bashkortostan. In your opinion, why this project is important for the Republic?

R. Khamitov: Of course, the economical development grows better, if the region has many thruways.

In this case, if we will succeed in construction of the thruway on the territory of our Republic, we get a great results through the increase of trade relations with Kazakhstan, with China and some other countries and regions.

We know that China has already built its part of the road. Kazakhstan finishes its part in 2015, in 2016 the most. It will cross the Russian border around the Orenburg region. And then we need to react quickly. The design of the road (almost 300 km on the republican territory) is in progress now. Moreover, we finished already land allocation and all calculations, as well as all bureaucratic ground work. And we need to start construction. We negotiate with the private sector, which is trying to turn this draft in the form of PPP (Public Private Partnership). Many things go in a way we do not like. But I'm sure that life forces us to build this road. The economy development in Kazakhstan, the border region of the Russian Federation, is impossible without it. Besides, without this thruway goods would not be delivered from China and Kazakhstan to Europe. This road is necessary as the breath of life. So we must to support this project and we will. My colleagues from the Orenburg region of Tatarstan have the same positive attitude. And the three of us, I hope, are moving in the right way.

Corr .: What kind of results do you personally expect to get after the SCO/BRICS summits? What can it help to develop the region?

R. Khamitov: In fact, we already feel a heightened interest in our country, and it is good. And besides journalists and mass media that is the investor interest all above.

People see that Bashkortostan is an open region, which what to keep good and friendly relations with all regions of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Countries.

In addition, we are becoming more recognizable all over the world. Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and on Friday Ufa is arresting the attention of the world's media. It is a great honor, a great responsibility for us. We represent the interests of our great country, the Russian Federation. Of course, we do everything to hold summits well. Because it means that our prestige and weight in the international community grow. For us it is very good. Рәхмәт (thanks)!

Corr.: Thank you very much!

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