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We will stand Ufa as a tourist center (Rustem Khamitov's interview to the "Russia 24" TV-Channel)

July 7 Rustem Khamitov, the Head of Bashkortostan, has given a live interview to the "Russia 24" TV-Channel at the International Press Center, which is opened in Ufa for journalists covering the SCO and BRICS summits.

CORR.: Today is a last day before the summits begin. About a month ago you said that you did not worry about it and assured of the readiness of Ufa. Whether you are excited or worried today?

R. Khamitov: Everyone is always worried before exams. Now the excitement is justified because it is the first time when Ufa holds such large-scale international events like the SCO and BRICS summits.

On the other hand, we are absolutely sure this summit will succeed, because the whole infrastructure is ready, all facilities were tested and put into service. We have passed all the necessary examinations, the documents are signed. In short, from this point Ufa is ready.

CORR .: Mr. Khamitov, how much time did the preparations for the summit take in total? What tasks were the easiest and what was the most difficult?

R. Khamitov: The decision to hold summits in Ufa was made exactly three years ago, then the corresponding order was signed by the President of Russia, and we began working. In fact, we started the construction of facilities and other projects only in winter of 2013.

Time passed insensibly. We made a lot of interesting and we made it most of all for the residents of the Republic, for the Residents of Ufa-city, and not specifically for the summits. For the summit we opened the press center and camp which you can see behind us. But all the rest facilities are made for city. They are needed citizens and residents of Bashkortostan. All of them will be used after the summits.

First thing is the airport. We built there a new international terminal. The old one was quite small and did not satisfy the requirements of the Republic. We also improved the urban infrastructure, repaired roads. We were working on it before, and we will work on it further. But the main and the hardest thing was to build hotels. Ufa had not enough good, high-quality, modern hotels of the international level. Today we have built seven hotels of international brands. They can accommodate a thousand guests.

Ufa entered into the list of cities, fully provided with modern hotels, which will be able to hold the biggest and most interesting events. From this point of view, we will stand Ufa as a tourist center: we can accommodate guests and we have many interesting to show.

Congress Hall, the venue for the summits was built in 2007, but it was not used for any serious events. We had to modernize and to reconstruct it. Today, this building allows take about three thousand visitors at a time spent and hold a considerable amount of symposiums, forums, congresses and various meetings on the forum of Congress Hall. In short, this forum will work on behalf of the city, the Republic and the country in whole.

Today we "are taking exams" not only as a republic within the Russian Federation. We are responsible for the way the Russian Federation will be represented at the international level. We feel themselves as members of the national team of Russia, which holds a very big, important event.

CORR .: Before the summits you told about the necessity to develop a horizontal integration and relations between regions of different States. How does it work by the example of Bashkortostan?

R. Khamitov: We have already signed several agreements with the regions of the P.R.China, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan. Now we are working on the agreements with India. Brazilians also offer us exciting, profitable contacts. In fact, the inter-regional cooperation, which we call «R2R» (the region to region) is a future. But it could be better to realize it today. In October, we will hold the first regional SCO and BRICS forum in Ufa. The governors and heads of provinces and states will come to us. Our heads of regions will necessarily be present. We will discuss how to establish the cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses. We need to establish thousands of connections between our countries at the level of small and medium-sized businesses. Then the design of these international forums will be unshakable. It will be very strong, since it will be provided by multiple business relations. On this part we will work very actively. We see the future in it.

CORR .: Let me wish you every success. We hope that everything will be good. I wish you to be strong and patient during these days.

R. Khamitov: I am sure that everything goes well. And this forum will be taken as a positive, progressive and necessary for the whole world.

CORR .: Thank you very much.

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