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03.12.2013 10:39:01

President of Bashkortostan: "Kronospan" is not "an environmental monster" but modern enterprise"

The President of Bashkortostan Rustem Khamitov in his interview published in the "Ufa" magazine commented on the " Kronospan scandal".

“Scandals and conflicts are destructive in nature. But in this case, the results just as the saying goes — "every cloud has a silver lining". Investors have realised that simplistic approaches are impossible during the construction. Violations of construction and environmental legislation are unacceptable in the republican territory”, Rustem Khamitov said.

According to the head of the republic, now investors arrange the documentation, receive all conclusions including environmental ones, and that the conflict should be settled.

“Citizens will realise that "Kronospan" is not "an environmental monster" but standard, modern enterprise that will enable thousands of people to have a good job and salary. And, moreover, directly and indirectly, it will allow to make order in forest management”, the President said.

Rustem Khamitov assured that "no harmful and hazardous production will be constructed in the vicinity of Ufa and in the republic. All decisions will be made only after a thorough environmental review and consideration of public opinion".

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