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Investment potential of the Republic of Bashkortostan

Factors of investment attractiveness

Advantageous geographical location of the region

The Republic of Bashkortostan is located on the border between Europe and Asia, at the intersection of important waterways, railways, pipelines and highways.

  • The area of ​​the Republic of Bashkortostan is 143 thousand square km, or 0.8% of the total land area (27 place among regions of Russia). At the north Bashkortostan borders Perm region and Sverdlovsk region, in the east – Chelyabinsk, in the south-east, south and south-west – with Orenburg region in the west – with Tatarstan Republic, on the north-west – with Udmurt Republic.
  • Population * – 4 million 072.1 thousand people (7th place among the regions of Russia).
  • Climate * area – continental with wet, warm summers and temperate strong winters.
  • The average temperature * in January – 18 °, in July – +18 °.
  • The largest cities and industrial centers * – Ufa, Sterlitamak, Salavat, Neftekamsk, October city.

Positive factor of geographical location is the the proximity of Bashkortostan Republic to the developed regions of the Urals and the Volga region, especially to Sverdlovsk region and Republic Tatarstan. Moreover, Bashkiria plays role of the transit center. Trans-Siberian Railway goes through the Republic, connecting central part of Russia with Siberia and Far East, also with the countries of Central Asia, primarily with Kazakhstan.

Rich mineral base

The territory of Bashkortostan Republic has a large number of different types of minerals. Here are opened more than 3 thousand deposits and occurrences of sixty kinds of minerals. Among them: fossil fuels – oil, natural gas, coal, lignite, peat; metallic minerals – copper, zinc, iron, manganese, aluminum, gold, rare incidental items; non-metallic minerals, including raw materials for chemical industry (rock salt, fluorspar, limestone, barite, sulfur), ores (phosphorus rocks, carbonate raw materials, zeolites, glauconite, peat, sapropel), building materials (gypsum, high-gravel, etc.), facing and semi-precious stones, optical raw materials. Currently on the balance of deposits are 1300 proven deposits , which create a powerful mineral complex, that includes oil production and refining, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, chemical industry and building materials.

Bashkortostan republic has third place in the Russian as oil producer (after Tyumen and Tatar region) and 1st place in its processing. The share of Republic in the total Russian production of copper (in concentrate) is 10-12%, and in the Ural region – 30% (for zinc – 50%). Taking into account the production of associated gold from copper complex deposits the republic is on second place in the Urals region, and for the extraction of rock salt – in the first place in Russia (37%).

The republic has more than 50 sources of mineral waters, medical mud and thermal vapor (gas), which operate on the basis of the famous sanatoria and rest homes: Yangantau, Krasnousolsk, Assy, Yumatovo, Yaktykul etc. in federal significance are: petroleum, copper, zinc, gold, Silver (including complex chalcopyrite ore), iron ore, rock salt. To regional level of importance are: fluorspar, talc, silica for melting, manganese ore, chrome ore, cobalt, nickel, barite, phosphate, magnesite.

Unique natural resources for recreational use

In natural conditions Bashkortostan republic is one of the most interesting Russian tourist areas, the attraction of which is determined by a combination of factors: the rich hydrological resources, diverse and often unique flora and fauna, the absence in the radius of 1300 km of mountain ranges, interesting landscape, the presence of protected areas and areas with conservation status, historical, cultural and natural monuments of national and international importance.


On the territory of the Republic are more than 800 caves with length more than 100 meters, among them – the world-famous cave Shulgan – Tash (Kapova) with pictures of primitive man, about 13,000 rivers, including navigable, there are rivers Belaya, and Ufa (Bashkortostan names are Agidel and Karaidel), more than 2,000 lakes, the largest are Aslykul and Kandrykul, lots of ridges Zigalga, Irendyk, Krakka and mountains, such as Iremel, Yaman-Tau, Yang-Tau, 3 national parks and national park, more than 3000 monuments of history, arts, culture, archeology allow to develop cultural tourism, as well as ensure conservation of the natural and historic environment.

According to the ancient Ural Mountains, the border is not only of two continents – Europe and Asia, but several ancient cultures. Ural – is the boundary between two major physiographic regions – the Russian Plain and the West – Siberian Plain. Southern Urals, most of which is on the territory of Bashkortostan, is submitted by the World Wildlife Fund in the list of two hundred and natural areas, conservation of biological diversity of which is vital to the entire planet.


In Bashkortostan are exits to the surface of various on the composition mineral springs, thermal manifestations and mud, which have great therapeutic and preventive value. The combination of these factors made successful development in the country of powerful health complex that could serve per year up to 250 thousand people. Traditions resorts in Bashkortostan are laid about two centuries ago. Among the famous holidaymakers of Bashkortostan were Anton Chekhov and Lev Tolstoy. Now the country has more than 30 sanatoriums. Modern resorts, such as “Yangan-tau”, “Krasnousolsk,” “Assy”, “Yumatovo”, “Green Grove”, “Tanyp”, “Talkas,” are equipped with modern medical equipment, highly qualified specialists, rich system of cultural and sporting leisure .


There are 12 historical and cultural centers, which are also the basis for tourism development. Sports and tourist facilities, including ski resorts, accumulate around itself growth of other projects, aimed at tourist service. Today in the republic are more than 14,000 objects, working as a means of accommodation. The range of proposals is wide enough: from departmental hotels to 4 star hotels.

Among the most popular tourist places are offers of our leading domestic tour operators, “Tengri”, “Wind Rose”, “Argo”, “Golden Ring”. Among the tourism products is necessary to identify offers of all major international resorts, boarding houses, hotels, sports centers, ski centers, such as “Abzakovo”, “Bannoe”, “Pavlovsky Park,” “Star,” “Mratkino”, “Arskii stone” and other tourist suggestions of Belsky river Shipping Company, offers of tour agencies, tourist facilities of the show, the objects of pilgrimage tourism, nature parks.


Richest natural resources create fine conditions for the development of tourism such as health, sports, ethnographic, ski, water, cultural, educational, equestrian, cruise, ecological, religious.

From year to year here are growth of number of served tourists and the volume of tourist services.

Stable position of industry

The development of industrial production is characterized by stability of the positive processes and sustainable growth in output. The structure of industrial production of Bashkortostan Republic includes mining, manufacturing, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water.


The share of fuel and energy complex in republican volume of shipped products is about 50%. For oil Bashkortostan republic is one of the leaders in Russia. Country’s largest oil company is OJSC “Bashneft”. The company have plants at the largest oilfields in the region: Arlan, Tuimazy and Sauzbashevskom. The main volume of oil , which produced in the territory of Bashkortostan, is supplied to Russian refineries.

In a diversified industrial structure of the republic are more than 70% of  manufacturing industries. National oil refinery is the largest in Russia, and includes such companies as JSC “Ufa Oil Refinery», JSC «Novo-Ufa refinery”, JSC “Ufaneftekhim», JSC «Salavat Gazpromneftehim.”


Effective activity of fuel and energy complex is provided by the work of enterprises which focused on improving the competitiveness of products and services, technical level of production, development of scientific and technical capacity, building of foreign economic relations. The main producers of petrochemical and chemical products are: JSC “Soda”, JSC “Caustic”, JSC “Ufaorgsintez”, JSC “Synthesis Kauchuk”


The share of machine-building complex in the industrial structure is more than 10%. The company strives to develop the production of machinery and equipment. The largest enterprises of this type of activity are: the “OZNA” – OJSC “AK OZNA” and LLC “OZNA – Measuring Systems”, joint-stock companies “Annunciation Valve Plant”, “Inman”, “Ishimbai Machine-Building Plant”, “The plant Stroymash” and Ltd. “Corporation Uraltechnostroy.”

In the manufacture of electrical and optical equipment , production index is 139.9%. The largest enterprises of this type of activity are: FSUE “Production Association Ufa Instrument”, JSC “BPO” Progress “, JSC” Ufimkabel “, JSC” KM “Promsvyaz” FSUE “Production Association Ufa aggregate”, JSC “Ufa Electric Plant” Light ".

Most large enterprises for production of vehicles and equipment are: JSC “NefAZ”, JSC “Tuimazinsky Concrete Delivery Truck Works”, JSC “Wagon plant” Sterlitamak, SUE ALM “Hydraulics”, JSC “Ufa Engine Industrial Association”, FSUE "Kumertau Aviation industrial enterprise. "

In the metallurgical industry and manufacture of fabricated metal products industrial production index is 120.3%. The largest enterprises of this kind of activity are: JSC “Beloretsk Metallurgical Plant”, OJSC “BelZAN”.